Energy procurement saving £112,000

Blackburn Rovers’ first investment of 44p on a set of goal posts in their founding year of 1875 has matured into the successful club the visitor now finds at the Ewood Park stadium. The club bear’s little resemblance to those early days, except in one fundamental aspect – Rovers are very much a club of the people and for the people of Blackburn. Blackburn Rovers Community Trust provides outreach and very active support in education, health, business and social activity throughout the town.

Ewood Park is an impressive 30,000 seater stadium which was extensively redeveloped and expanded during the 1990s. State of the art at the time, most of the heating, lighting and water plant and features are now dated and inefficient.

Energy efficiency gains of 300%

Following their detailed site audit, our consultant engineers devised an energy efficiency package to take the club’s utilities into a lower consumption and cost future. Just by employing ground source heating and air management technology the stadium’s heating and air conditioning costs will reduce by 75%! The large angle rooves of two of the stands are perfect for Solar PV panels which in concert with battery storage are capable of providing all the club’s electricity. And that water hungry pitch is to be kept well hydrated from an on-site water bore hole. Tying it all together the utilities monitoring system allows real time monitoring and management of consumption. Once complete, Ewood Park is set to be near self-sufficient in its utilities consumption.

Energy Procurement Savings







Location: Blackburn

Founded: 1875