The Energy Check gains ISO 14001 Certification

The Energy Check gains ISO 14001 Certification

In April 2020 we demonstrated our commitment to the environment by undertaking ISO 14001 assessments to prove we have effective environmental management systems in place.

What are ISO Standards?

Over the last few years, ISO standards have become increasingly important in the business world as organisations look to prove that they are maintaining good working practices that benefit both employees, suppliers and customers.

As ISO standards go, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are among the most highly valued across the business community as they showcase a dedication to quality and environmental management. And we are delighted to announce that as of April 2020 The Energy Check was successfully reaccredited for ISO 9001 and added ISO 14001 accreditation to our list of accolades.

In spite of the unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is important to retain our commitment to raising standards and striving to be better across our business, which is why a three and a half day assessment was carried out external assessors from 20th April 2020.

During the course of the assessment no non-compliances were identified with only four areas identified for improvement which is testament to the company’s commitment to drive up standards and the support from our partners at Pentagon Assurance.

Barry Cooper, Managing Director of Pentagon Assurance said:

“UKAS accreditation of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems is the gold standard of certification for a system which supports enhanced business performance, through improving the efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste. The investment made by The Energy Check also provides assurance to their wide range of stakeholders in the highly regulated energy sector.

“On time delivery of this project is testament to the strength of teamwork and partnership developed with The Energy Check, who hold sustainability and compliance at the core of their values. Engagement at all levels has enabled successful integration of UKAS ISO 14001:2015 to the established UKAS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management framework. Our congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.”

Achieving certification is never an easy task and it requires huge amounts of hard work, dedication and skill from our close-knit teams. We would like to thank all of our employees for their help in keeping the business running smoothly during this challenging period and we are proud that the events of recent months has not diminished the high standards we have set for ourselves.

David Winton, CEO of The Energy Check, said: “I am delighted with this outcome, particularly at such a difficult time nationally. However once again our customers can take comfort that not only do we hold ourselves to the highest standards for systems management but also have effective environmental management systems in place too.”

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Carbon neutral 2050: Reaching net zero in 30 years

Carbon neutral 2050: Reaching net zero in 30 years

In 2019 the UK government became the first major economy to commit to bringing greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050. While this target represents huge challenge for the country it is also essential if Britain is to play its part in helping to ensure that future generations to do not face a survival-threatening climate catastrophe.

All sectors, industries and parts of society will be required to play a role in bringing down carbon emissions. This will include investment in reducing energy consumption and adopting green technological solutions.

In business, organisations will also be expected to ‘offset’ carbon emissions where it is not currently possible to avoid the consumption of fossil fuels – in some industrial processes, for example.

Why does 2020 need to be the turning point

According to leading scientists, 2020 must be the peak year for global emissions. Or, to put it differently, emissions must reduce significantly every year from 2021 in order for the world to stand a chance of limiting the rise in global temperatures. It is widely accepted that if global temperatures increase by more than 2º Celsius, the impact of melting icecaps, rising sea levels and broader climate change will be irreversible.

What will it take to become carbon neutral by 2050

There are three main ways we can achieve carbon neutrality by 2050:

1. Moving towards 100% renewable energy An expansion of solar, wind and hydro electricity initiatives will remove our reliance on fossil fuels.

2. Increased energy efficiency Utilising low energy technologies and improving insulation will also be required between now and 2050 to reduce energy demand.

3. Negative emission initiatives Initiatives based around bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) can be utilised to achieve negative carbon dioxide emissions by combining biomass use with geologic carbon capture and storage (CCS).

What about the rest of the world?

While there are several other nations that have been slow to respond to the climate crisis, and others (namely, the USA) that currently follow a policy of denial, there are many international examples of carbon neutral initiatives.

Norway – aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 Sweden – targeting carbon neutrality by 2045, with a 15% offset limit. This target excludes aviation and shipping industries. Denmark – planning to achieve a “low carbon society” by 2050

All countries within the European Union are currently preparing their own commitments to carbon neutrality by 2050, while the Paris Agreement broadly seeks to drive all countries in the United Nations to take a strong stance on climate change.

How can UK businesses help the country to reach carbon neutrality

The time to take steps towards a lower carbon footprint is now. British businesses have a responsibility to help drive change and take the necessary steps to become a greener organisation.

Why bother?

  1. Implementing low energy measures within your business can actually help to increase profitability
  2. It is likely that funding will be available in the form of grants to support the green revolution over the coming years, helping to make carbon neutrality more cost effective
  3. Being proactive now will help to avoid fines when legislation is tightened and carbon emissions are penalised more heavily in the future
  4. Your reputation with employees and customers will be enhanced as you demonstrate a willingness to act on your moral duty

If you understand that energy efficiency and the pursuit of becoming carbon neutral needs to be a consideration within your organisation but you don’t know where to start, give us a call. A chat with one of our energy consultants can be the first step towards making meaningful changes that both save your business money and contribute towards sustainability.

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London’s Design Museum shapes up for increased energy efficiency through partnership with The Energy Check

London’s Design Museum shapes up for increased energy efficiency through partnership with The Energy Check

London’s Design Museum has announced a new partnership with energy consultancy, The Energy Check, as part of the museum’s drive to conserve energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

The Design Museum moved to the former Commonwealth Institute building on Kensington High Street in 2016, undertaking a refurbishment project costing £83million. Through this new partnership, the energy saving experts at The Energy Check will help the museum take steps to reduce energy consumption at the 10,000m2 Grade II listed building. As a not-for-profit organisation that has received more than £7million in grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England in recent years, The Energy Check’s role in helping to negotiate the best prices on energy contracts and identify cost-saving opportunities is a crucial one. Having procured the Museum a £15,000 saving on energy in 2019, the partnership is already proving to be a fruitful one.

Alice Black, Co-Director of the Design Museum, said: _ “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with The Energy Check.”

“By working closely with The Energy Check’s specialist team we hope to implement meaningful changes that will both enhance the museum’s energy efficiency and lower costs, allowing us to invest more into the exhibitions, learning programmes and events that make the Design Museum the leading museum of design and architecture in the world.”

Chief Executive Officer at The Energy Check, David Winton, said: “The Design Museum is one of the UK’s most iconic and important institutions and we are thrilled to be partnering with the team here. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence are traits that visitors have come to expect from the exhibitions and collections on display at the museum, and we intend to demonstrate the same qualities through our own energy conservation work over the coming months.”

Given that the Design Museum has undergone significant renovation work in recent years, the venue’s BREEAM sustainability credentials are already classed as “Very Good”. These include LED lighting in all public areas, variable speed drives on all motors, a Building Management System and heating from a CHP based District Heating Scheme. Nevertheless, The Energy Check has been able to recommend improvements designed to optimise energy efficiency whilst protecting the Museum’s more delicate exhibits.

David Winton says, “Energy conservation techniques are moving on all the time and so it is important that venues like the Design Museum are constantly reviewing and refining their systems and infrastructure. Through new innovations and behavioural changes among staff – as well as effective procurement – there are almost always opportunities to lower overheads and reduce emissions.”

Putting our energy into making things awesome for you the customer

Putting our energy into making things awesome for you the customer

Hard work is in our nature at The Energy Check and we like to think that we’re up to any challenge – lifting heavy stuff, climbing tall things, making customers happy … that kind of jazz. So, when somebody suggested back in February 2018 that we should prove to our customers that we’re taking every measure to maintain the highest standards, we said: “hold our coats; we’ve got this covered.”

And so began our journey to achieving the ISO9001 standard. For those who aren’t aware of what ISO9001 certification means, it can be defined as:

“The international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. Organisations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.”

Basically, it’s a benchmark for being good at what we say we’re good at!

Of the many hoops to jump through, we had to demonstrate that we’ve got processes and procedures for every eventuality. And, we needed to show auditors that we’ll always continue to perform well under any circumstance.

Thanks to plenty of hard work and more than a little bit of form filling, we officially became ISO9001 certified in March and the team responsible for driving the project celebrated the achievement at an Institute of Directors event held at the Sage Gateshead. [Lovely bunch, aren’t they?]

What does ISO9001 mean for you?

Well, for many businesses and households looking to get the best deal on their energy contract, this certification simply means that working with us gives that bit extra peace of mind. Knowing that we hold ourselves to the highest standards for systems management – basically, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T” we can find so that your life is made easier.

To large organisations and public sector bodies, however, our ISO9001 certification is a fundamental requirement that enables them to work with us. And the fact that we’ve gained our accreditation through UKAS (one of the most reputable assessment bodies) means that our standards are recognised on both a national and international basis.

What’s next for us? Well, we’ve decided that we really like getting certificates! So, plans are already in place to achieve ISO18001, ISO50001 and ISO27001 over the coming months and years.

Watch this space.

There’s a new comparison character in town

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Well, say hello to our bright new star: the loveable space hopper. From the 1st February 2019 you’ll see him hopping onto your screens and showing you the way to a brighter, more affordable future.

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The Energy Check appoints two new board members at the start of a bright 2019

The Energy Check appoints two new board members at the start of a bright 2019

The Energy Check is delighted to announce the arrival of two new board members to mark the start of 2019.

CEO of fds and former winner of The Sunday Times Non-Exec Director of the Year, Jo Haigh joins the firm as chairperson along with non-executive director, Garry Peagam to bring new experience to The Energy Check.

Headquartered in South Shields, The Energy Check has undergone rapid expansion in four years and has seen the team expand from two employees to more than 120 across four global offices.

The Energy Check is a specialist utilities broker and consultancy, dedicated to helping businesses and homeowners get the most from their energy and water deals. A team of highly experienced energy saving experts and procurement specialists, The Energy Check’s focus is on supporting customers to not only get the best price for utilities but also to reduce consumption, reduce emissions and become more environmentally conscious.

Founder and MD, David Winton, comments: “Bringing together an experienced and engaged board of directors is a crucial part of our long-term strategy to meet our ambitious targets. Jo Haigh is a multi award-winning director and an incredibly well-respected figure in the business community. Her understanding of corporate governance is second to none and her experience of supporting more than 400 owner-managed companies will be invaluable to us as we grow, both domestically and internationally.

“Similarly, Garry’s track record in finance roles within the energy sector provides us with crucial expertise. Having worked with the likes of Ecotricity and Good Energy in the past I know he will be a real asset to The Energy Check.”

In a complex utilities market, the company aims to differentiate itself by focusing on supporting customers to reduce their consumption and increase efficiency savings as much as switching between providers.

An experienced dealmaker and expert in corporate governance, Jo Haigh is a regular presenter for the Institute of Directors and has held more than 40 non-executive roles. She says:

“I am thrilled to be joining The Energy Check as chairperson at what is an exciting time for the company. The business has a clear point of difference in a highly competitive energy market and over the next two years, our focus will be on developing a national presence, establishing The Energy Check as a recognisable consumer brand for reliability and quality of service.”

“As we grow, we are committed to driving the very highest standards and retaining the credible and environmentally conscious voice that has become part of our DNA.”

Garry Peagam has more than 30 years’ experience at senior board level, particularly within the renewable energy and service sectors. In 2012, Garry floated Good Energy Group plc and was more recently Group Finance Director at Ecotricity Group. He says:

“The energy sector requires challenger companies like The Energy Check to maintain a competitive market that serves domestic and commercial consumers effectively. I admire how David has driven the business and made it one of the go-to companies for independent energy advice and competitive pricing. I look forward to helping the company grow and enable it to reach out to more customers in new and innovative ways.”

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