Buying utilities over £36,000 cheaper

You’ve got to know the utilities market inside out to make savings like these.

But it’s not just knowing the market, it’s also taking the time to get to know the business. Analysing how energy and water is consumed and going through the fine detail of exisiting supplier relationships and contracts.

Working in close partnership, reviewing future plans, discussing in detail the business’s future needs and goals and providing informed advice in plain English. The Town Hall’s an important part of the civic fabric of the city, but it’s got to pay it’s own way now. So, working with The Energy Check experts we achieved savings that make a really positive impact on our bottom line from suppliers who share our concern for the environment.

Using £108,000 less energy & water

That’s a projected return on investment of over 300%

In the case of an iconic listed building that’s over 180 years old it was never going to be easy to reduce energy and water consumption. Even though the Town Hall was renovated as recently as 2007 The Energy Check audit provided a plan that minimalised capital outlay ensuring payback within three years maximising CO2 and cost savings.

The project will involve LED lighting, sensor controls and turning the heating down by two degrees (at zero cost!)

Location: Birmingham

Founded: 1989