The Energy Check is more than an electricity, gas and water broker

Our service goes much further than you’d expect from an energy broker. Sure, you’re looking to save money on your business utilities contracts by finding a better deal and that’s a big part of what we do. But, we also look carefully at the structure of your current electricity, gas and water supply agreements. The profile of your energy and water consumption, your future utility needs and our low carbon and energy efficiency consultants can help you use and pay less for your utilities.

Energy Procurement

Reviewing your entire utility services can be time intensive, confusing and complex. No two businesses are the same, so The Energy Check take the time to understand your company and utilise decades of market insight and experience, coupled with outstanding industry relationships to advise on the best options available.

Energy Management

It’s not just the price of your utility tariffs which can cause excessive bills. Variables such as building heat loss, ineffective light & heating systems, waste energy or an incorrect substation power allocation could all inflate your annual utility costs. The Energy Check use our expertise to review all aspects of your utility consumption and advise on how to keep your utility costs to a minimum.

Future Technologies

The Energy Check are heavily invested in helping clients understand and unlock the potential in the next generation of utility technology. Focusing on conservation, clean energy and sustainability, we help businesses to stay ahead of the curve and invest in long term, profitable alternatives to the inefficient utility products and services of yesteryear.

We help clients reduce their energy costs, consumption and emissions using our expertise as utility consultants and energy efficiency technology providers.

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Our Latest Projects...

Here at The Energy Check, we are proud to showcase our successes with our clients, ranging from small to corporate sized businesses. Our case studies not only highlight the successes we have had over the years but also gives our potential customers the confidence in working with us.